What is the Google 3 Pack?

Strottner Designs

You know what the 3 Pack is, even if you didn’t realize that it has a name. As time has gone by, and search results have gotten more diverse and sophisticated, the page where you see your results has changed. We’ve gotten used to seeing the Sponsored Ads, the Map, and the organic results below the map. Basically, when you do a search for a local business, your results look like this:

The Local 3 Pack was once called the 7 Pack, because it had…well, 7 local listings. As Google has become more concerned with the role that mobile devices play in the user experience, it became clear that there were issues with the 7 Pack, chiefly that all 7 wouldn’t appear on the screen at the same time. The 3 Pack is now the 1st page of search results on a mobile devices.

Notice something important in the image above? “More Customers – More Calls – More Traffic” is pretty meaningful, isn’t it?

  • The first, second and third results receive 24.48%, 13.81% and 9.5% of clicks respectively, for a combined total of 47.79% of clicks
  • Those same results get 85% of phone calls!
  • 89% of smartphone users search for a local business once a week, 58% search daily.
  • When someone does a Local search, the 3 Pack shows up 93% of the time.

To answer our two initial questions:

What is the Google 3 Pack? It’s potentially the most important location in a search done by someone looking for a local business.

Is it important? Absolutely.

If you aren’t showing up in this result, or your site isn’t responsive to mobile, you need to talk to us. We can get you into the 3 Pack, we’ve done it before, and we know how to keep you there.