The Trouble With Content

Strottner Designs

“How long is this project going to take?”

It’s a tricky question, because every project requires important participation from our client. In the beginning (and we’re starting after the sales process, let’s assume agreements are signed, deposits have been made, etc.), we don’t begin work until we receive all of the content that the client wants to include. We used to start without all of the content, but then we ran into issues with project creep, and had to revise our Project Agreement to deal with the issues this created. In other arenas, this is called “scope creep,” and no one likes it. The result is wasted time, increased cost, and unhappy…well, everyone. What we call project creep is a design job that seems to go on indefinitely, like the wait between George RR Martin books. The challenge for a client can be knowing what to provide, how much to provide, and so on.

Too Soon?

What IS the right amount of content?

We’ve put a lot of thought into the answer to this question. Whenever a new client comes on board, we feel that it is impossible for them to provide us with too much information about their business, their design taste, and anything else they think we should know. But for a specific piece; a rack card, brochure, webpage, etc., well at that point it is important we must be more precise.

That is where “Have To vs. Nice To” comes in to play. When looking at what you want created, and what you are sending to us, ask yourself, “What do I HAVE TO have in this piece?” Once all of that information is together, then ask yourself, “What would it be NICE TO have in this piece?” Send that to us as well! We will make sure that the design includes everything that you identify as “Have To,” and we’ll work in the “Nice To” info wherever we can, while keeping with the overall aesthetic of the project, as well as your branding.

We’ll use as many screens as it takes.

That Sounds Simple

It’s supposed to. Our job is to make this easy on you. We’ve been doing this for seventeen years, let us figure out how to take a complicated project, and simplify it for you.

“No Caption Necessary,” He Captioned Ironically.

Why Don’t You Simplify This Blog Post, Then?

Indeed, why don’t I? With each project, everyone has a role to play. The clock for a project truly starts ticking once we have ALL of the content. When you send us this content, send us everything that you HAVE TO have, and identify it as such. Also send us the NICE TO have content, and we’ll do everything we can to include that as well. When we’re done, the piece will be what you wanted, because you were involved in the process, and we take the time to know you, your business, and your brand.

It’s the Strottner Designs way…