The StrottSHOW #2: The Heart Smiles Gala

Strottner Designs

This weekend is the annual Heart Smiles Gala, and we hope you’ll attend. Please enjoy our video discussing the event, and our participation!

Don’t want to watch the video? Here is the transcript:

Good morning.
Happy Tuesday everybody.
It is September 5th.
You are just getting back into the office after a fantastic Labor Day weekend and you’re wondering what are you going to do next weekend.
This weekend is over.
Time to figure it out.
September 9th, The Heart Smiles Annual Gala.
I cannot recommend this strongly enough.
This is an organization that I’ve been working with for quite a bit of time, and what they do is they take care of children in Ghana.
I guess what we do, since I’ve been involved a little bit myself.
Ama, the founder, began this charity about 2009 and it has honestly become a way of life for her.
A couple of times a year she goes over to Africa to take care of the kids and see how things are going, supervise construction of new buildings, check on kids grades, make sure the medical clinic is fully stocked, all the different things that we have this organization to support.
It’s been an interesting number of years.
This is our first time back in person since COVID.
We’ve been doing Zoom Galas during COVID, and now we have the chance to come back together as the family that we are.
We’ve got some special surprises for Saturday night, and it is a costume gala if you wanna dress up.
The theme is Alice in Wonderland.
So I’m gonna include the website and the show notes.
Please consider coming.
If you can’t come, please consider contributing.
If you plan to come, definitely consider contributing because I will be your emcee of the night and I assure you that I can be absolutely shameless when it comes to talking to you guys about donating to these wonderful children.
The Heart Smiles is also supported by Strottner Designs through our program called Strottner Gives Back.
For a number of years people would come to us with different things, different non-profits where they wanted our help and we weren’t always able to do it, so we created Strontner Gives Back so that each quarter we can build a website and maintain it for a worthy nonprofit.
It’s just one of the ways that we try to give back to a community that has given us so much.
We do hope you’ll consider coming on Saturday.
Like I said, lots of details will be in the show notes.
And I want to thank you for sitting through with me on a nice Tuesday morning.
So don’t forget, September 9th, 6 – 10 in Stone Oak.
And I will see you guys there.
Hopefully we won’t have too many Queens of Hearts.
Have a great Tuesday.

Click through to The Heart Smiles for more details!