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(Bet you thought we were going with News You Can Use)

The demise of the QR Code has been overstated. You know the QR Code, even if you think you don’t. It’s the digital box that looks like a barcode and a maze had a baby. This one takes you right to our website (insert self-serving pic of Strottner QR Code here):

Go ahead, test it.

The two biggest complaints regarding QR Codes are related. 1) No one has a QR Scanner, and 2) it takes too long to scan a code. This seems to revolve aren’t the idea that opening an app and waiting for the camera to focus is too taxing and takes too long. We didn’t say the complaints were good, we just wanted to mention what they are.

The truth is that QR Codes aren’t going away. We know this because Apple just made it easier to access them in iOS 11. Next time you need to scan a code, take out your iPhone, open the Camera app and point it at the code. You’ll see a notification drop from the top of the screen with a preview of the link to code points to. Tap the notification and the webpage will open in Safari. If the code goes to an email or phone number, the same process will work.

Scroll back up and test it on ours. We’ll wait.