How Do I Hire an SEO Professional for My Business?

Strottner Designs

How do I Hire an SEO Professional for my business?  We came across an interesting article recently. Specifically, it provides guidance on how to find the right person or firm to help you with your Search Engine Optimization. SEO as a process is constantly changing, industry standards change on a regular basis, and Google regularly updates the algorithm that they use to determine organic search results.

Key Points of the Article (found HERE):

  1. Ensure the SEO professional has worked in your niche.
  2. Ask for references.
  3. Understand the firm’s service offerings.
  4. Ask about the tools the firm uses.

Your website is one of the most important client facing parts of your business, and people find you in a variety of ways. And when you are looking at outsourcing your SEO services, make sure you consider two other important statistics:

  1. Organic listings receive over 70% of search engine traffic.
  2. 75% of users click on the results on page 1.

So when you’re asking for references, find out what type of placement the firm has achieved for them. If they don’t have a track record of getting businesses on to page 1 of Google, they aren’t the company for you. While there are many search engines, we typically refer to Google because it was responsible for 74.54% of all searches in 2017.

If you would like to learn more about us, how to hire an SEO Professional, our process, our SEO generally, definitely reach out to us!