Changes Are Coming!

Strottner Designs

Changes are coming! This year is going WAY too fast! We have no idea how we’ve gotten to this point, knocking on the door of July, yet here we are. Kids have been out of school for a month, everyone is looking at the way July 4th falls on a Wednesday and wondering, do I take off Monday and Tuesday? Or Thursday and Friday? Or go for it and spend the entire week at the lake? None of them?

During the month of July, we’re going to be announcing changes to our offering. We’ve added services, changed services, and generally improved what we can to help our clients. By far, we think the biggest impact will be made with our new Automated Sales and Marketing Dashboard.

Our focus is on three things:

      1. Improving the Return On Investment (ROI) our clients experience by working with us through the new Automated Sales and Marketing Dashboard.

        We’ve got serious analytics ready for you!


      2. Off-Page SEO and how it benefits you. Did you know that 85% of phone calls go to the three listings that appear in the Google Map? We know how to get you there. Take a look at the results for “logo design san antonio:” – we’re also #1 in the organic results.
      3. Security and Securing your Site. We’re combining StrottLOCK with our Standard SEO service, and we’ll add a secured certificate to your site. Moving from “HTTP” to “HTTPS” protects you and improves your search results. In July, Google Chrome will start marking sites that do not have certificates with a red triangle indicating the site is “insecure.” Don’t let this happen to you, we can help, right now.

I’m sure you’re expecting a strong closing paragraph right now, where we tie this post up with a strong conclusion and a call to action (EMAIL US TODAY)! But we don’t have one ready.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned!