Before and After – Website Edition: Kuyrkendall & Co.

Strottner Designs

There comes a time in every business’s life when it has to look itself in the mirror and say, “Is my website outdated?” It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it happens over time. We get comfortable. When we built the site, it was state of the art and looked great on a 17″ CRT Monitor made my IBM.

Someone call me? I was on my Myspace page.

Technology improves, Google changes their search algorithms, and most importantly, the device options we have to access the internet have exploded! Nearly 60% of web searches now take place on a mobile device.

And a few years ago, Google began punishing sites that weren’t responsive and didn’t work on mobile devices, so that they wouldn’t show up well in search results.

We recently worked with Kuyrkendall & Company, a full service real estate company in San Antonio and Central Texas. They hadn’t updated their website in some time, so we proposed a service that we call a “WordPress Conversion.” Here is what the site looked like before:

An actual screenshot

With the WordPress Conversion, we take the following steps:

  • Built on WordPress Content management system – 27%+ of sites on the internet use WordPress
  • Custom Layout – not a template, we design a new look for you
  • Responsive to mobile devices
  • Creation of a Favicon – go ahead, ask me what this is.
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Up to 10 Pages/Sub-Pages
  • 2 optional plug-ins
  • Configuration of an SEO plugin
  • Download of our WordPress User Guide so you can handle do-it-yourself updates

When we were done, the site looked like this:

Much cleaner, and easier to navigate. We think it looks a lot better as well. During the project, the Kuyrkendalls also decided to update their logo. We helped with that as well.

Don’t spend more time with an old site, reach out to us and learn more about the WordPress Conversion. Maybe we can talk about you in our next Project Spotlight!