Ava’s Wish: A Website Spotlight

Strottner Designs

It’s customary for companies, design companies in particular, to talk about how proud we are of the work we do. And we are, our abilities have evolved with changing technologies, which is important when you began in 2002. But we have to be honest, it’s work with non-profit organizations that sometimes brings out our best work.

Last week we launched a new look for Ava’s Wish. Ava is almost 10 now, but when she was 18 months old, she was struck by an intoxicated driver along with her mother and her sister Isabella. The fact that she survived is a miracle, and she continues to rehabilitate. It was during this time of need, and because of the support that the family received that Traci, Ava’s mom began Ava’s Wish. Traci realized that many families have to endure tragic events like this, and might not have the support that she received.

Come learn more about Ava’s Wish at the new site, and while you’re there, think about registering for the 4th Tennies & Tiaras on October 29th. Also, follow Ava on Facebook.