Why You Need a Design and Marketing Team

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Let’s face it. Everyone is looking to save money these days, and promoting your business is often the first thing to go. Hmmm…maybe you can use one of those online design programs instead of a professional design firm.

Push-button design

You may think: “Oh, I don’t need a design and marketing team. The office manager, Karen, did such a nice job on last year’s Christmas party invitations. I’ll let her handle the design work.” You think she can just go to one of those out-of-the-box services and take care of the collateral that you need: business cards, stationery, ads, etc…

Rookie move.

For starters, is Karen a professional copywriter? Flatfooted copywriting is the worst. Does she know about brand identity? The importance of consistent colors and typefaces? You don’t want to end up with something like this.

It doesn’t matter what you’re marketing. Customers expect a certain level of professionalism in your communication. It reassures them and speaks to them with authority. Even if you’re selling barbecue sauce and want to project a “just plain folks” image, it needs to be done with skill. That’s why you need  a design and marketing team.

And just like those “out of the box” web design programs (more on those later), the online graphic design programs have their limitations. It’s so obvious that you’re grabbing pre-built templates…and your customers will notice it too.

There’s nothing wrong with creating collateral that has varying looks (especially for different product lines), but it’s essential that a common thread runs through that lets customers know it’s you. Does Karen know how to do that?

These sites all shout “free!” from the rooftops…until you want to download your work or make it print-ready. Then all of a sudden they’re demanding that you “get pro version.”

This is also vital when creating a marketing campaign. Ads, brochures, signage, etc., should all complement each other so that customers know they’re still talking to the same people.

Cookie-cutter websites

The same is true with the web design sites. They promise you that you can “create a professional website in minutes!” But when you want to actually take it online, that’s where the cha-ching suddenly appears.

They offer a ton of built-in optimization tools and templates. It’s so easy — even Karen can do it! But again, here comes the “gotcha!” There’s a certain level of expertise required, and your office manager probably doesn’t have it. SEO-friendly text, optimized images, keywords…the list goes on and on. That’s why you need a design and marketing team!

Sure, you can pay for support — but instead of talking to someone right here in San Antonio who you know and trust, you’re sent to a phone bank in some other country. And you’ll end up spending a monthly fee anyhow that can be better utilized talking to actual human beings.

Choose Strottner Designs

Our team has a combined 50+ years of experience in design and marketing. Our website services are second to none. Best of all, we’re here for you. We’re responsive and — most importantly — we know your business.

Let Strottner Designs be your design and marketing team! Give us a call at (210) 588-9602 or contact us and let us help you develop a powerful brand image!