Why Should You Exhibit Your Business At Trade Shows?

Strottner Designs

Even though the internet has transformed the ways businesses communicate with their customers, there’s still an enormous value in meeting them face-to-face. A fun and effective way to do that is at a trade show.

In San Antonio, trade shows are held each year for virtually every type of business — garden shows, home improvement shows and cosmetics shows, to name just a few. Whether your business sells products or provides services, there are good reasons to attend. At trade shows, you not only get to spotlight your business, you can also network, acquire knowledge — and get leads!

Here are some good reasons to go to the show:

  1. Generate leads. Trade shows are ideal places to find new prospects and form alliances. There, you can collect business cards, check out the attendee lists, and mingle with others at networking events and seminars during the show.
  2. Learn industry trends. The aforementioned seminars that take place during trade shows (“2019 Trends in Home Improvement,” for example) are great ways for you and your sales force to see what’s happening in your industry — and how you can leverage it.
  3. Meet other retailers and vendors. They may not do exactly what you do, but they may open doors to valuable partnership opportunities, and you could do the same for them.
  4. Evaluate your competition. At trade shows, you can check out your competitors’ booths to see what they’re doing and selling, and see how your business measures up.
  5. Get press coverage. There’s usually press coverage at these shows, whether it’s consumer or trade or both. Here, you get the chance to be interviewed and spotlighted by media outlets. A good way to encourage media coverage is to distribute press releases beforehand with product announcements or some other intriguing “lead.”
  6. Have fun with your clients. Set appointments with your clients to come to the show and invite them to networking events. If it’s an admission-only show, make sure to pay their way or use one of the free passes you may receive as part of your exhibition package. A little R and R can do wonders for your relationship.


We can streamline your trade show experience for you while dramatically increasing your exposure. We can provide:

  • Booth graphics and signage
  • Marketing and PR
  • Onsite photography/video
  • Online advertising and landing pages
  • Promotional giveaways

Need help with booth design and construction? We can handle that, too! Contact us for more information.