Site Ranking Woes? You Need A Professional To Help With Your Web Optimization

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As everyone knows, Google’s influence seems to be expanding almost every day. It’s taken over the internet and is now encroaching on much of our lives. Let’s face it — you must worship the Great and Powerful Google to make sure you rank high on search engine page results (SERPs). But how?

Google uses algorithms to determine the positioning of web sites on SERPS. An algorithm is a complex system of calculations that is used to match data to a search query in order to deliver the highest-quality results. As more and more businesses go online, that requires more content to be indexed, and Google must update its algorithm to handle all the new content.

In the olden days (pre-2013), Google made only a few updates to its algorithm each year. But now, with the explosive growth of the internet, the company issues thousands of changes — even several a day! Most of them are slight and don’t noticeably affect site traffic. Others, however, can be devastating.

In fact, it’s been reported that this year has been one of the most explosive in terms of algorithm changes. These changes are 68% more volatile on desktop results and 84% more volatile on mobile results than 2020.

Data source: Semrush

How can you hope to keep up with all of that activity – and what does all of this mean to you and your web ranking?

Most immediately noticeable is the havoc it can create with your SERP. Here are some key factors that will affect your site’s position and performance:

Relevance of your page

Does your page deliver what your company promises? Is your company called Bob’s Bagels but you sell shoes? Not good.

Quality of content

How informative, well-written and accurate is your content? Is it fresh or are you using the same copy from 1984?

Use and quality of keywords

Do you have the right keywords in the right places to ping a search? Do you know when to use longtail keywords?

ADA compliance

Is your site accessible to those with visual and hearing impairments and other disabilities? Google demands it. And we’ve seen litigation against sites that are not compliant.

Site security (https)

If your site doesn’t begin with https://, Google is going to treat it as an untrustworthy destination and flag it as such.

Fast page load

Does your site have an irritating array of pop-ups and other elements that add clutter, slow down the page load and cause users to navigate away? Do links bounce around the page “whack-a-mole” style when users try to click on them?

Mobile adaptability

Sure, your site may look great on a 24” monitor, but how does it look on a 6” mobile screen? If it won’t zoom down to a good-looking, useable mobile site, Google frowns on that as well.


Is your content linked to relevant, authoritative pages that provide users with more information? For example, if you’re offering wood decks made with Tyvek materials, you may want to link to a description of how Tyvek is manufactured.

Social signals

Yes, social media is more relevant than ever when linked to your site, regardless of your business or industry. You can run a Google review feed showcasing the latest reviews or a Facebook feed showing your latest posts. You can even add a custom video commercial that runs on your site, YouTube and Facebook. This reinforces your site’s authority, which Google likes.


By this time, you might be feeling a bit light-headed, but not to worry. Strottner Designs is here to help. We have over 19 years designing, developing and maintaining web presences for a variety of businesses in many industries. And whether you’re a Mom and Pop storefront or a business with multiple locations, we can handle it.

Not only can we give you a great looking site, we will continually check on all of the ranking factors to make sure it’s always 100% in the Google algorithm. And we can take it even further with relevant, custom-written blog posts, custom videos and complete, turnkey Google ad campaigns to send your sales and leads into the stratosphere.

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