Reaching customers via online video advertising

Strottner Designs

In today’s pandemic world, a lot of San Antonians are still working at home. At the same time, they’re watching a lot more streaming video. As a matter of fact, according to Brightcove, streaming rose from 27 percent in Q1 of 2020 to 40% in Q2. And it’s only going to go up from there!

And according to McKinsey and Company Marketing and Sales, more than a third of Americans plan to only leave home for essential activities in the near future, and more than 70 percent say they intend to permanently adopt much of their pandemic-friendly behavior such as online shopping, ordering food…and streaming video.

How do you get your video ads in front of these housebound consumers?

Create the ads

First, get your script written. Then decide what creative approach you’re going to use — live-action or animation. If you have a lawn care service, for example, you’ll want to use live action. If you’ve got a less visual business, such as an accounting firm, an animated video is the way to go.

You can create several videos with varying approaches. Again, as an example, if your lawn care company serves homeowners, schools and public parks, you’d want to make a video version for each.

Brevity is vital. Since consumers tend to scroll past the ad in just a few seconds (unless they’re really interested), it’s important to deliver your hook and offer as quickly as possible.

Now — where can these ads be shown?

In-stream Facebook video ads

You’ve seen these ads when you’ve scrolled through your Facebook page, and you may have noticed that the ads relate to your interests. That’s because Facebook targets consumers whose interests match the advertiser’s products or services. Your ads can also appear in Facebook’s partner live streams, helping to extend your reach.

Twitter Video Views campaign

Functioning in a similar fashion to the Facebook ads, Twitter ads appear in the consumer’s timeline, profile pages or in searches. You create the ad groups, set budgets and target your audience.


This massive network just keeps growing and growing. Again, you can target your audience and create “pre-rolls” — the ads you see while you’re waiting for your content to start. Since YouTube puts a five-second countdown on ads before they can be skipped, your audience will be engaged for at least that long. And again, customization is key. If someone is searching for lawn care videos, that’s where your lawn care service ads need to be.

Google Ads

Video display ads on the Google network allow your ads to appear in searches, on YouTube and thousands of other affiliate network sites. Talking about your lawn care service again, if someone is searching for a web site all about lawn care, your ad will appear in that site if it matches the search criteria.

Let Strottner Designs help

You don’t have to become a video professional. That’s what we do! We provide a complete turnkey package to get you up and running in the online video marketplace.

  1. We write the script.
  2. We provide videography and animation for the video and all necessary graphics.
  3. We offer recommendations on which sites to place your ads.
  4. We can run the campaigns for you, manage budgets and deliver performance and tracking results on a regular basis.

Now is the time for you to reach a captive and potentially lucrative audience — the people at home browsing online. Contact us today to get started!