Project Spotlight: Deborah Levi Lane, LCSW

Strottner Designs


Deborah Levi Lane, LCSW is a clinical, concierge therapist in San Antonio, who is highly rated and well regarded by both patients and physicians. She now offers a new concierge model of therapy: the ultimate patient-therapist relationship, real-time support, unlimited access, crisis response, at-home appointments, collaboration with physicians, and sustainable results personalized for her patients.

This new model of personalized care required a dynamic website and online marketing. Strottner Designs has worked with Deborah for a few years and we were eager to build this new version of the website and to deploy a strategic online marketing program with both on-page and off-page Local SEO. We also started managing the practice’s Google Business Profile. With our efforts, in two weeks’ time, we were able to position her in the second spot on Google for the search term “San Antonio Clinical Concierge Therapist,” and help her attain terrific positioning for a multitude of search terms, as she has enjoyed increased site traffic. We look forward to years of working together.

To learn more about Deborah Levi Lane, LCSW, please visit