Google My Business has made some critical changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Strottner Designs

The Critical Details:

  • Businesses can mark themselves as “Temporarily Closed”
  • Review functionality has been disabled – so don’t solicit reviews for now. Owners can’t respond to reviews either.
  • Q&A functionality has been removed temporarily.
  • Health related businesses are getting priority.
  • New listings and verifications are delayed.
  • Restaurants, grocery stores, and breweries are now allowed to add “Delivery Available” or “Take Away” to their business name.

If you aren’t sure about your account, or if you have one, we can take a look for you.

It’s not you, the internet is running more slowly…

From March 20: Netflix, YouTube to slow down streaming so internet won’t overload
March 24: YouTube will default to lower-resolution streams in the U.S. to save bandwidth
March 25: 88 out of top 200 US cities have seen internet speeds decline this past week, 3 cities by more than 40%