Beck Industrial

The Client/Background: Beck Industrial began as a manufactured products division of Beck Steel, Inc.- a steel fabrication company with a 40 year history of success in large, highly complex commercial projects. In 1999, Beck Introduced its first rear discharge mixers to equipment distributors in the US and Mexico. For five years, Beck evaluated performance, tested, re-designed, and re-tested the product. By 2004, Beck Mixers were out-performing industry leaders, so the family name went on the back and Beck mixers were made available directly to concrete producers. Beck Industrial had an old Parts Catalog that was essentially a binder with photocopied pages that were all mismatched and out of order. They came to Strottner Designs to create a cohesive, organized, and professional
produced Parts Catalog. This project was a huge undertaking requiring the digitization of all of the technical drawings, listing each parts’ tech specs and all art direction. The finished product was a 3-hole punched 148 page catalog.

Services Provided: Print/Collateral Design