Business Strategy

Business Strategy Services in San Antonio

Our business strategy services cover quite a few services that any new, reorganizing or expanding business needs. Firstly, writing a business plan for your business can be one of the most challenging tasks an entrepreneur can face. Every successful business has created a business plan at some point. Strottner Designs has created plans for small businesses with 1-3 employees, as well as for larger companies that were looking to raise capital for expansion.

However, we have found over the years that creating a plan, handing it to our client, and moving on to the next project does not create the greatest opportunity for success, so we have expanded to also provide overall strategy consultation to help with you business’s long term goals and day-to-day operations. We believe in being “Preactive,” with our decades of experience in multiple industries, from start-ups to Fortune 1000 business, we can help you create and execute a plan that is ahead of being proactive, and prevents you from being reactive.

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Services Include:

  • Business Operating Plan
  • Activity Based Costing Spreadsheet
  • Three Year Sales Forecast and P&L
  • Product Line Analysis
  • Sales Presentations
  • Outsourced Sales Management

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