Our 5-D Process

We have developed a 5 part process which has enabled us to be efficient in both time and cost. 

Please view our process to the right, browse our services pages / portfolios and then give us a call at 210-588-9602 so that we can sit down for a no-obligation initial consultation!

1   ---  

This is the step where we sit down for a meeting or initial conference call via phone.  We give some additional background about our company, what we can offer to you as a client and show examples of past work. 

Additionally, as a key component of the entire process of the project, we will learn about you, your company's background and the scope of design that you are looking for from us.  At the end of this step, we will agree on terms and sign a design contract (50% of the design fee will be required to start a project).

2   ---   Development
This step is critical in the development of the project.  This is where we do background research, view your comparables from your questionnaire and learn more about your field.  We will gather information from you (i.e. photos, copy and anything else we may need to complete the project).  We will also start creating mockups and layouts for the project.  This is a very fluid step with the client having ample time to provide input... additionally, we may gather additional input from you, the client.

3   ---   Design
This is the fun step.... the design!  This is the step where our creative juices are flowing and we are doing the actual design.  We take all of the information from the previous steps and put them onto paper to layout the design concepts.  We work to create the feel and direction that your brand is going to take! 

Logos and print jobs
We will make concept sheets for logos and print work and we will create fully-functional concept websites.  All logo and print jobs will yield concept sheets that are then emailed to the client in .pdf format.  Logo sheets will be the size of a sheet of paper and will contain 5-6 numbered concepts (in full color). 

Website projects
Website concepts will be designed and then uploaded to Strottner Designs' server.  They will be available for the client to view at www.strottner.com/clientfiles/yourcompany.  Website concepts are fully-functional and work just like a launched site.... only difference is they are in a private folder that the public will not see. 

4   ---   Decisions
You the client will be able to view the design concepts from the previous step and will then provide feedback to Strottner Designs.  We will be available to answer questions and help in the decision process with our professional opinions.  All projects come with 2 rounds of revisions so we will be glad to tweak logos, rework wording on a brochure or change around pictures on a website concept.  This step is all about making sure that you are happy with the design and are ready to deliver the final product.

5   ---   Deployment
This is the final step where we deliver the final products.  We will email logo files to you in a .zip folder (containing the 5 basic formats - others available by request).  We will use this step to order printed products such as business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers as well as other business collateral.  Additionally, this is the step where we would launch a website project.  We will be glad to launch it on your server as long as we are provided with FTP login information.  Also, we do offer domain names and hosting and would be glad to set this up for you and launch it on the new domain.

We also use this time to ensure the client is completely satisfied and happy with the process, our company and the final products.